Docker is a software platform for developing applications based on containers, which are tiny and efficient execution environments that share the operating system kernel but execute in isolation. While containers as a concept have been around for a while, Docker, an open-source project founded in 2013, helped popularize the technology and helped push the cloud-native development trend of containerization and microservices in software development.

What are containers?

One of the aims of contemporary software development is to keep apps running on the same host or cluster isolated from one another so that they don’t interfere with each other’s operation or maintenance. Due to…

Graph Databases

Graph databases are a subcategory of record stores such that they contain data in records rather than requiring data to conform to a predefined schema. Chart databases, on the other hand, provide an extra dimension to the record model by emphasizing the relationships between different records. It’s crucial to consider the following concepts in order to comprehend the idea of graph databases:

Node: In a graph database, a node is a representation of an individual object. In a relational database, it’s roughly equivalent to the definition of a record or row, and in a document shop, it’s roughly equivalent to…

Columnar Databases

Database structures that store data in columns are known as columnar databases, also known as column-oriented databases. Traditional relational databases can seem identical, but instead of grouping columns into tables, each column is located in its own file or area of the system’s storage.A columnar database’s data is organized in record order, which means that the first entry in one column is compared to the first entry in other columns. Instead of reading every row in a table and discarding unneeded data after it has been saved in memory, this design enables queries to only read the columns they need.


The standard relational database model, which includes tables made up of rows and columns, is what most people think of when they think about databases. Alternative data structures have become more popular in recent years as developers have found workarounds to the relational model’s limitations. These non-relational database models have been dubbed NoSQL databases, and each has its own set of benefits, drawbacks, and use cases.This article will take you through a couple of the most common NoSQL database models. …

Background of React

React is a JavaScript library for creating web components and user interfaces. To put it another way, React is used to create the whole front end of websites, including the templates and content. There are two sections of a standard website: the frontend and the backend. When a user loads a website in their browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, the frontend is what they’re seeing communicate with. The data is collected and served from the backend of a website. A communication method, such as an API or a library, is the third part of a website. …

well, before heading up towards the main topic, y’all should have minor knowledge about cloud computing😬 because AWS or Amazon Web Services ars mainly wrapped around this concept of Cloud-Computing

Well, if we go to a web site, we are doing several things like scrolling up and down(just like we are doing in the Facebook feed 😅 😅), clicking on some random buttons we want, filling up some text fields and many many more. What I'm trying to say is normally we are not interacting with one web page if we visit a web site. We navigate through several web pages using hyperlinks. Sometimes is a headache 😩. …

If you are a developer or if you are into developing sort of things most probably you should be aware of WHAT Git and Github are? I’m not going to tell you about Git and Github here but as simply Git is (according to Wikipedia) a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development.

So we use git and GitHub to track our code. Apart from that inside the GitHub, we can publish our web pages for free. But there are some disadvantages when you are publishing your web content via Github. Like your web…

when it comes to the front end developing CSS animations plays a major part. though there are so many CSS and java-script libraries and frameworks out there its always good to be aware of the fundamental of its. so here we'll discuss a pure CSS property called “CLIP-PATH” to make an awesome animation. down below you can see what we are going to create.

For the full code snippet visit :



codepen code for the below tutorial

first of all, what exactly this clip-path means in CSS?

The clip-path property in CSS allows you to specify a…

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

artificial intelligence is one of the most talked or still talking technological concept that we use to make our daily routine easy. So basically this is a computer program that response to human voice or to gestures. but still it’s a per programmed set of instructions that executes under set of protocols or rules defined by humans. So that means still the AI cant evolve by it self. And also present AI programs don’t have ant sort of human feelings or emotions. …

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Undergraduate at SLIIT | programmer/developer | DevOps Trainee at CAKE Technologies SL

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